What is Google Voice?

There's a good chance that you really like Google and all they have to offer and are very interested in learning about anything new they come up with.
You've heard about their new service: Google Voice. You want to know more. What is it? How will it benefit you? How does the service work?

What is Google Voice?

Google voice is a telecommunications service that uses software technology to improve the process of managing the way you receive calls. If your mother
wants to give you a call she has to figure out you where you are at the time she is calling. Are you at work, at home, or out on the road? With Google Voice a
caller can reach all three of those numbers -- home, work, and cell -- simultaneously by calling a single number -- the Google Voice number.

How Google Voice Works

So Mom calls this new Google Voice number you just got and what happens? Your home phone, your work phone, and your cell phone will all begin ringing,
so Mom is sure to get through. Unfortunately Mom has given your Google number to your Aunt Tillie, who never stops talking. Google Voice software pre-
screens calls and directs them based on specifications you've set up for different callers. So Aunt Tillie's call goes immediately to voice mail because
that's where you have told Google Voice to send calls from her. With Google Voice you only have to provide your relatives, friends, and business
associates with a single number. And if you move, change jobs, or get a new cell phone, you don't have to inform them at all. Just go to your Google Voice
account and change one or all of the numbers associated with your Google Voice number.

Setting up a Google Voice Account

First, Google Voice is currently available by invitation only. You have to go to Google to be put on the invitation waiting list. Their website says to expect "a
short wait" before getting an invitation. Once you have one the set up process is similar to setting up any complex software program: you have to tell the
program what you want it to do. You'll start by selecting your Google Voice number. This is a huge advantage since you can start with any area code you
like and follow that with a number that is easy for you and your contacts to remember. Once that is done, you set up your PIN and identify different callers
and how you want Google Voice to route them. The system offers a variety of other services you'll have to set up as well.

Google Voice: Is It Right for Me?

The benefits of Google Voice can seem very appealing but there are a few things to keep in mind before requesting an invitation to sign up for the service.
First, configuring any software program can be tedious, confusing, and time-consuming. You will have to make a lot of decisions to set Google Voice up so
if you don't like the hassle of software setups, this might not be the right program for you. Second, if you have a large list of existing contacts who know your
different phone numbers and you don't anticipate changing any of those numbers in the near future, you should think about the hassle of informing all those
people that you want to be reached at a different number. If you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, go to Google and sign up. Enjoy your
Google Voice Service!

Google Voice