Google Voice and Setup (Calgary Alberta)

Setup a Canadian 403 phone number and forward it to whatever number you want, seems Google Voice will forward to that one Canadian area code(403).

Get a free 403 number at then setup to forward it to your number for free...
403 area code(Calgary Alberta) number and then have Google Voice use that number.

Google Voice number == 403 number ==your Canada phone number...

Google Voice
Google Voice use that number

* Update: Google Voice had some kind of loophole that allowed forwarding to Canadian 403 area code numbers. It seems a serivce does exist that allow you to sign up for a free 403 number and forward it to any Canadian number. This service is Using that service I selected a 403 area code(Calgary Alberta) number and just set it up to always forward to my cell number or home number.

Now my US Google Voice number rings my Canadian cell number or home number.

Update June2014


  1. it works
    but when gv calls 403, and 403 routes to our canadian number
    it shows the gv number claling
    so is this considered long distance answering, or is the 403 taking all the suffering on our behalf?


    I'm trying to set this up for a friend of mine who lives in Teulon MD. She has a google account and when I went to apply for a 403 number, it only gave me 587 numbers!

    GV won't let me use 587 and the service locked her into a 587 number because you get three tries. What now?

  3. me too!! freephoneline put me on a waiting list for months and sent me an e-mail saying the calgary area now had available numbers.. only to now give me 587 numbers! i feel cheated!!

  4. 403 area code has already been exhausted. It's not possible for freephoneline to get more batches of 403 phone numbers.

  5. Anonymous9/14/2011

    comments are hidden, could use an update. I just went trough the song and dance of getting the GV number , now how to forward it?

  6. Anonymous10/17/2011

    I have a 403 number now...problem is I cant get follow me to forward it to my area code (506) New Brunswick! When they say it can be forwarded to ANY canadian number, they weren't exactly correct. I also tried 902 (Nova Scotia/PEI) and it's a no go too. Montreal numbers work fine. I guess like everyone else out west Canada ends with Quebec...Damned confederation...

  7. Anonymous10/17/2011

    Had to setup my GV with a washington phone# from IPKALL/through iptel sip. Would love to use fpl though as it is and is marketed to CANADIANS (which does include me last time I checked)

  8. I have a *403* number from FPL. When I try to add it to Google Voice account for forwarding it says:

    "Country of the new forwarding phone does not match the existing ones."

    Has Google removed the only Canadian (403) number for forwarding? Forwarding calls from my MagicJack (973) US number still works just fine.

    Anyone currently using *403* #? Or trying to add the *403* # and getting a similar error?

    1. Anonymous4/13/2012

      You need a US # in order to configure Google voice (gv). Once you get your US # i.e from instead of configuring your own 403# you can get 403# from google voice. In this way when some one wants to call you they will dial 403# which google gave you and this 403# is from AB Canada and when you dial out gv will ring back on your US#. If you are using iPhone you need acrobits soft phone, create an account on,get US# from configure US# on 12voip and from here use acrobits soft phone to configure 12voip on iphone once you are done with 12 voip configure GV and then add google voice on iphone and u r done

  9. Same here... it seems Google has removed the 403 area code. Now that they will offer GV in Europe soon, why not give a bit of Canada love as well? I'm in area 250 and DYING to use GV

  10. I had it working with a 403 number , unfortunately , due to low usage FPL cancelled my 403 number. I was able to setup a new one, (you have to try often and chnage the city from CGY to another back and forth to get a 403 and not a 587) Now that my new 403 is set up, I'm trying to update to the new number in GV and i'm getting same message : "Country of the new forwarding phone does not match the existing ones."

  11. Anonymous2/13/2013

    I have a 403 number and have had one for quite some time. Here is the thing .... If you were lucky enough to set up the 403 numbber before google "Closed" the loophole you get grandfathered into the privilege. however, using the google voice app or similar, you cannot actually have it divert to your freephoneline account but you CAN have your USA number call your 403 number... the reason for this is that the programming will automatically go to the 403 and I guess maybe they have not cancelled that part... so my friends in USA call my usa number and it comes to me everytime but when I try to use a "click to call" google voice feature, it times out on me...

  12. Anonymous5/07/2013

    No more 403 number. It no longer works via Google voice. Magic jack works (most) of the time. Audio volume is very very weak. Any ways, the bottom line is that there is no GV number for Canada and there never will be. If anything, GV will be discontinued before Google decides to implement GV in Canada. So all this now (getting a GV number) has become a moot point

    1. Anonymous9/22/2013

      If you have a cell number, try adding it to your GV account. You may be surprised. It worked for me (CDN cell number). I have my cell number tied to my GV account now. I never had a Grandcentral account for the record. I was using a 403 number previously and then unknowingly removed it with the idea to add it back later. Only then to discover that 403 numbers would not be accepted. Then out of desperation, i tried to add my cell and it worked. Of course VM will not work but everything else will.

  13. Anonymous8/07/2013

    Ordered a MAGICJACK PLUS WIFI 2013model
    and working great thanks.