How to bypass Google voice country restrictions for free

Did you try to subscribe to Google Voice but where stuck on a message like this:

Google Voice is not available in your country.
Thanks for visiting Google Voice.
We're not yet open for users outside the US,
but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future.

  1. Register for a google voice invitation. Be patient it can take one year to come
    When you receive your Google Voice invitation, process to the next step
  2. Create a free SIP account with Iptel
  3. Configure your VOIP router or Softphone to receive calls from the SIP account you created on step one
    Register a free US DID on your Iptel SIP account.
    • SIP Phone number: your IPtel user name (ex: Jonh.Smith)
    • SIP Proxy:
  4. Test your US DID. If you don't want to pay for long distance call, you can use iCall
  5. Download and install a US VPN (HotSpot Shield)
  6. Launch Hotspot Shield
  7. Click on your Google Voice invitation (see, no more country restriction message)
  8. Choose your new US phone number
  9. When requested, enter the US phone number you created with IPKall


  1. Anonymous3/30/2010

    The instructions are to allow you to 'sign up' with google voice using an invite, right? But once you've signed up, can you or can you not add your CDN # to your GV account? (or is it only useful for grand central users who already have CDN # assigned?)

    Assuming it will be possible to add a CDN #, the 1 cent/min thing- if i understood correctly, it's if you make an outgoing call using GV to a CDN # you are charged this...whereas, if you receive an incoming call to your GV # (which forwards to your CdN#)- you will NOT get charged 1c/min.

    did i understand this correctly?

  2. Anonymous3/30/2010

    After a long wait since the grandcentral closed doors for new users, I got my invitation today. I was very excited. But what the "F", service not available outside of US...

    Here is what I did.

    1. setup a Tor application (ghost) and proxy my ip to US ip. Worked find to get by the first step in sign up. You can also use open Proxy or VPN hotspot sheilds.

    2. Next step they asked me to select a US based phone number as my number. You can search with zip, area code, or even the word or phrase for desire number.

    3. Now this is the F***ed up part. They ask you to enter another US based number to which google voice number will be forwarded.....Luckily, I have MagicJack So i gave my MJ number to finish setting up.

    4. Now, I can either use MJ to receive calls forwarded from GV or have my MJ forwarded as well to my Canadian home number.

    i.e. GV is useless cuz of my MJ but the quality is sure better in GV. I got GV as a backup for my MJ. The mistake I did last time not to sign up for Grandcentral, I am not going to do it again.

  3. Anonymous3/30/2010

    This is not really practical.

    Here is what's going on.

    Google Voice gives you a free phone number and it allows you to route calls anywhere in US with it. The service does not work in Canada.

    You then register for a free US phone number. That is where IPKall comes in. Why would you want a second US phone number when you already have the Google one?

    Simple, Google voice just routes calls to another phone number nothing else. The IPKall number allows you to terminate that number to a SIP gateway (Google doesn't). That is where IPtel comes in.

    You then program your ATA with the IPtel settings. You can now receive calls from Google Voice.

    Here is the flow

    Google Voice > IPKall > IPtel > Your SIP Device

    Not worth the effort if you ask me. All this allows you to do is receive calls, you still can't make any outbound calls.

    Google Voice is over rate, it is not a free phone line. It is a virtual number with lots of cool features.

    This procedure just allows you to receive calls from your Google Voice Number.

  4. Anonymous3/30/2010

    While the OP has taken the time to share this workaround with others, there's an even faster way to do all of this without getting an IPKall number and setting up an IPTel account that can be done for free and is directly supported by Google Voice in their interface.

    Open up a Gizmo5 account ( which supports SIP and can be configured on a softphone or ATA that you may have. Configuration details for Gizmo5 can be found here:,31

    Once you have your Gizmo5 details, you will get a 1-747-xxx-xxxx number. Input those details into Google voice as a "Gizmo5" number and you're good.


    Google Voice > Gizmo5 (in GV interface) > SIP Device (Softphone or ATA)

    While this is all possible, I also don't think Google Voice is a practical solution for Canadians until they support Canadian exchanges and those calls are also free.

  5. Anonymous3/30/2010

    Interesting..., it worked for me. The Gizmo number is the only number in my phone profile.

  6. Anonymous9/27/2013

    I ordered a MAGICJACK PLUS WIFI 2013 model
    and working great thanks.


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